Significant Events at LVMPD During Sheriff Lombardo’s Tenure

In three years under Sheriff Joe Lombardo, Las Vegas Metro has put 576 more officers on the streets and will add another 270 more this year.

Sheriff Lombardo has put 220 detectives to work in area commands in our neighborhoods solving crimes. Crime solvability has gone up 300% since Sheriff Lombardo made the commitment to our neighborhoods. Investigations that used to take weeks to see action now take days.

By adding critical civilian staff, Sheriff Lombardo has cut wait times for important 311 calls from hours to an average of 31 seconds.

Sheriff Lombardo has ensured that now every uniformed officer is equipped with a body camera.

Sheriff Lombardo has upgraded crime labs to cut all backlogs including 6,473 rape kits that had previously gone unchecked – now have been tested and processed.

Crime FIghting Initiatives

-Increased authorized officer to population ratio to 2.0 per 1,000 by through increase in More Cops sales tax and Crime Prevention Act sales tax.
-Increased authorized commissioned strength by 576 (22.1% increase)
-201 more authorized than FY 10 staffing peak
-Increased civilian authorized strength by 118 or 9.9
-Decentralized most investigative functions to area commands
-Moved Fingerprint to HQ
-Combined Record and Fingerprint Bureaus
-Moved Traffic to Cameron
-Opened Spring Valley area command
-Moved Criminal Intel, Vice, and Narcotics to HQ
-Moved Information Technology Operations Center (ITOC) to leased space
-Moved Technical and Analytical Section to ITOC/ITOC warehouse
-Moved Advanced Officer Skills Training (AOST) and Reality-Based Training (RBT) to Bermuda
-Created Office of Community Engagement
-Created Neighborhood Engagement Teams (NET)
-Created Project Management and Video Unit
-Increased HR Staffing
-Increased Academy, Firearms Training and Tactics Unit  and Reality-Based Training staffing-Increased positions in IAB
-Created Central Intel
-Created Gang/Vice Bureau & Gang Enforcement Team.
-Created Firearms Unit
-Created Watch Commander Positions
-Increased positions in Dispatch
-Increased positions in Forensic Lab
-Revised and streamlined personnel requisition process
-Created Animal Crimes investigative unit

Technology/Equipment Completed or in Progress

-Purchased dog control poles for all supervisor vehicles to prevent dog shootings
-Replaced Computer Aided Dispatch System
-Upgraded flooring and cooling systems at Communication (Dispatch)
-Upgraded 911 System to include backup 911 center
-Expanded functionality radio system to federal interoperability standard
-Replaced Automated Fingerprint Management System
-Provided tablets with air card functionality to all Patrol and Traffic officers
-Created requirement for uniformed officers to wear body cameras and providing body camera and supporting infrastructure to all uniformed officer.
-Replaced towing processes with contracted managed tow system for non-consensual police tows
-Created on-line crime reporting for certain crimes
-Replaced search and rescue helicopter
-Selected and bid new uniform trousers
-Created Technology and Vehicle Allocation Committee to review/standardize technology by bureau
-Increased mobile computer technology in most investigative bureaus
-Upgraded to smart phones in most investigative areas/plan to upgrade Patrol Sergeants and Detectives in FY 18
-Replaced Employment Background System
-Standardized/Upgraded SWAT operator and sniper weapons and other SWAT equipment
-Greatly expanded amount and scope riot gear
-Added ballistic glass and security cameras in area commands, evidence vault, and Metrocom
-Improved existing several existing firearms ranges
-Expanded and modernized Range 6
-Planned Future Range Expansion
-Created Family Justice/Juvenile Diversion Center
-Created RBT/AOST infrastructure at Bermuda
-Replaced UMLV “University of Metro Las Vegas” (in-service training software)
-Created two tactical vehicles platforms in every area command
-Provided Basic Life to all employees with supplemental options
-Electronic Search Warrant System
-Upgraded Academy space and leased additional academy space
-Upgraded helicopter mapping and lighting systems
-Resumed responding to non-injury accidents
-Major upgrades to Computer Forensic Lab
-Leased new facility dedicated and customized to DNA Lab

Scheduled Projects

-Far Hills Area Command Construction
-Construction of AOST/RBT Facility
-Contract for access to LPR data and facial recognition system
-Las Vegas Sheriff’s Identification Network System (LVSINS) replacement
-Private Sector Camera Proof of Concept Project
-Online CCW applications
-Add two additional ranges
-Replace two Bearcats